Wooden-Plywood Lathe Making 1

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In this DIY video I build a wooden lathe. I used very hard plywood to make this lathe. Building a bit long, but it was worth it. Because I built a very robust lathe machine. It was a handy lathe machine. You can make this homemade lathe as a DIY project . I hope you enjoy the first part.


You can download the PDF dimensions document.

Making Video :

Dimensions Table (PDF) : DOWNLOAD

Wooden-Plywood Lathe Making Part#2 : Open New Tab


Second Part, Wooden Lathe Making Video and Dimensions (PDF)
If you have a small hobby workshop and are interested in woodworking hobby. You definitely need this tool. A sanding block is a block used to hold sandpaper. My sanding b
I make a small hand planer in this video. I use a 41mm width blade I bought and some hard wood. I made a great hand planer.
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