Wooden-Plywood Lathe Making 2

Wooden-Plywood Lathe Making 2 için görsel

In this DIY video I build a wooden lathe. This video is the continuation of part 1. Please watch the part1 video first

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You can download the PDF dimensions document.

Making Video :

Working Examples :

Dimensions Table (PDF) : DOWNLOAD


Drum Sander - Thickness Sander Making Video & PDF Dimensions

Drum Sander - Thickness Sander Making Video & PDF Dimensions

I am making a drum sander. It is a good tool for sanding wood. You can easily sanding your wood parts. I am using a 400 W bench grinder for power. This is a simple Thickn

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It was a handy lathe machine. You can make this homemade lathe as a DIY project . I hope you enjoy the first part.
I made a new drill press for myself. You can see how I build it in this video. It is a very beautiful column drill. You can download a dimension PDF
After watching this video, you can make a Benchtop Sander Table easily. You can download dimension PDF
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