Taper Jig - Jointer Jig Making Video & PDF

Taper Jig - Jointer Jig Making Video & PDF için görsel

In this DIY video I am making Taper Jig - Jointer Jig for my tablesaw. I used some plywood. It is very useful jig. It is very easy to cut angled and straight with this jig. If you have a table saw, you must make this jig. The PDF document link with dimensions is as follows.

Video :

PDF-Dimensions : DOWNLOAD

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Drill Guide - Matkap Klavuzu

Drill Guide - Matkap Klavuzu

Bu konuda ahşaplardan bir matkap klavuzu yapıyorum. Videoyu izledikten sonra siz de yapabilirsiniz.

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I changed the clamping mechanism of my table saw. Now I push instead of turning.
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Taper Jig - Jointer Jig Making Video & PDF konusunu görüntülemektesiniz.
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