Extra Strong Long Reach C-Clamps PDF

Extra Strong Long Reach C-Clamps PDF için görsel

I make long C clamps using some hard plywood. You can do a lot of compression with these extra powerful clamps. It is very useful thanks to its long arms. It is also strong enough to break the board. After downloading the dimensions PDF and watching this video, you can easily make Extra Strong Long C clamps. Adjustable distance very useful.

Video :

Dimensions (PDF) : DOWNLOAD

Part List & Their Dimensions (PDF) : DOWNLOAD


Drill Guide - Matkap Klavuzu

Drill Guide - Matkap Klavuzu

Bu konuda ahşaplardan bir matkap klavuzu yapıyorum. Videoyu izledikten sonra siz de yapabilirsiniz.

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I am making cam clamps (quick clamps). I used some hard plywood and some metals. You can make easly this clamps. Watch this video after, Download pdf dimension-template a
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