Drum Sander - Thickness Sander Making Video & PDF Dimensions

Drum Sander - Thickness Sander Making Video & PDF Dimensions için görsel

After watching this video, you can make a DRUM SANDER easily.

Start by downloading a PDF template from the link below. Print PDF dimensions table (this PDF). Then perform the operations on the video. I hope you enjoy it. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and turn on notifications.


Dimensions Table (PDF) : DOWNLOAD

I've updated this machine, see this page: : Thickness Drum Sander Motorized Feed Mechanism


Drill Guide - Matkap Klavuzu

Drill Guide - Matkap Klavuzu

Bu konuda ahşaplardan bir matkap klavuzu yapıyorum. Videoyu izledikten sonra siz de yapabilirsiniz.

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I updated my Drum Sander. This drum sander now has a motorized slide. No need to use your hands anymore to push and pull. Sanding any woods easly. You can download the ge
This is the page that contains the desktop jointers videos. You can view the 3D model video. You can download the PDF plan.
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