Bench Grinder making

Bench Grinder making için görsel

In this video, I make one bench grinder. I need this to use in chisel sharpening, blade sharpening, drill sharpening and so on. To do this bench grinder, I made two wooden wheels. One is made of hardboard and the other is made of MDF. I attached a piece of the sanding belt to the hardboard wheel. With this it was very easy and simple to sharpen chisels and drill bits. I applied some metal polishing paste to the MDF wheel and I am sharpening my blade. It was great, it cut the paper very easily. The knife is sharpened perfectly.

You don't need a motor to make this machine. You can use the drill in your hand. Because it takes its power from the drill.

If you want to make this simple and inexpensive bench grinder, first download the pdf plan and watch the video. Then you will be able to do it easily.

Best regards.

Bench Grinder-Sharpener Making Video :

bench grinder sharpener making video


Dimensions Document (PDF) : DOWNLOAD

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